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The Indestructible Dim

Hello all! Before I begin, I would like to give my thanks to the team at Hammer and Chisel for bringing us this awesome game and Freewell for the good effort he put into this site to help the community. In this guide, I'll be talking everything about Dim, down to the basics along with the build and strategies I found most successful - TID (The Indestructible Dim) build. So, our docile and well mannered Mole's obsession with the sun allowed him to harness many of its potent abilities! Let's have a rundown, shall we?

5 stars

Lee Chi
Immense Healing

Hey guys, Freewell here. I am goinna tell you how I like to play Lee Chi, our favorite Planting Panda so far. If you have a nicely balanced team, It could make the difference.

5 stars

Incredible damage may

Hey guys, here comes another build i often use. High damage may. This is not the classic attack speed may, but high damage may. As usually, we are going to talk about everything. Skills, runes, etc. questions? Send me a pm on the forum. This build is very strong in 1v1 and team fights. The dps is a little lower though. Making it less useful against buildings - NinjaViper

5 stars

Squishy AD Cottontail

Hey guys! Welcome to my Cottontail guide. I will review everything you need to become a successful Cottontai player. we are going to talk about everything, items, playstyle, relics and skills. read througth the guide but still donĀ“t understand all? No worries, just send a PM to Ninjaviper on the FF forum ;)

5 stars

Vicious Volunder

What's up guys, my name is Zencha and today we'll talk about how I play the bulkiest of fighters -- Volunder. I like playing Volunder because he is very disruptive and deals good damage without being fragile. Volunder shines in prolonged encounters, because of his increased attack speed bonus from Heating Up! and it's synergy with Molten Bash.

5 stars

Mighty May

Hey guys! I am going to tell you how I build my May. Probably not the best build, but it works for me. This build is all about reaching 100% attack speed bonus with some nice damage and passives.

5 stars

Jetpacks' utility build

Renwil is by most players considered a tank hero, but he can also be played as a support. In this guide, I will discuss the utility build, which involves reaching the cooldown reduction(CDR) cap. This allows for much bigger crowd control (CC) potential

5 stars

Skippard jungler

Welcome to my guide for skippard jungler. In this guide we will go over everything you need to know to be a succesfull jungler as skippard. We will talk about: relics, items and skills. I hope this guide will help you out! ; )

- guide made by: D00mnoodle
- forum name: D00m
- in game name: D00mnoodle