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Skippard - Skippard jungler

A guide by: D00mnoodle

Welcome to my guide for skippard jungler. In this guide we will go over everything you need to know to be a succesfull jungler as skippard. We will talk about: relics, items and skills. I hope this guide will help you out! ; )

- guide made by: D00mnoodle

- forum name: D00m

- in game name: D00mnoodle

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  • Passive: Courage

    Courage is one of the best passives from the game. Because it gives him and incredible amount of tankiness against tributes (very handy in jungling) and also against enemy contestants. It also alows you to have a very low cooldown on your ultimate, leaping slash. Courage is also another resource system then mana, unlike mana courage is gained when figthing.

  • Skill 1: Slash of the Swamp

    Slash the swamp is the strongest AoE ability off the game because it has no manacost on his skills and has one of the lowest cooldowns end-game. Because of this skill he can clear jungle camps and minion waves faster than any contestant in the game.

  • Skill 2: Strength of the Exile

    Strength of the exile is a great skill in the pre-minion teamfigth, because it slows opponents and gives skippard increased damage and lifesteal. It also helps him clearing jungle camps.

  • Skill 3: Hand of Markus

    Hand of markus is a single target heal over time spell that gives skippard extremely long substainability in-lane and in the jungle. It is also great to help out your teammates that don't have alot of health, like may.

  • Skill 4: Leaping Slash

    Leaping slash is an incredibly strong ganking ability because it has a really far range and knocks enemies airborne. It is also his best escape mechanism.

  • Item Sets

    Starting items:

    Squire's Armor
    +15 Armor
    Price: 300
    Health Potion
    Consume: Restores 150 Health over 15 seconds.
    Price: 35
    Health Potion
    Consume: Restores 150 Health over 15 seconds.
    Price: 35

    Early game:

    Carrier Hooves
    +80 Movement Speed
    Price: 1010
    +250 Health
    +20 Armor
    +30 Spell Armor
    Price: 1925

    Mid game

    Guardian Emblem
    Active: Protection of the Guardian - You take 10% less damaged for 5 seconds.
    +220 Health
    +10% Cooldown Reduction
    +45 Armor
    +3 Health Regen Per Second
    Price: 2100
    Citadel Vest
    Passive: Fortitude - After being Damaged by a Spell, you gain a Shield that Reduces the Next Damage spell by 25%
    +200 Health
    +20% Cooldown Reduction
    +50 Spell Armor
    Price: 2150

    Late game:

    Amplifying Shell
    +450 Health
    +30 Spell Power
    +45 Armor
    Price: 2355
    Mirror Shield
    +250 Health
    +80 Armor
    Price: 2195

    Starting items:
    The best starting items for skippard are squires armor (because it gives increased jungle substainability) and health potions (you will need these to stay in the jungle untill you can buy your next items)

    Early game:
    First time we recall to base we grab our carrier hooves because you can easily slow your enemies with strength of the exile and stick on to them. The fluxmail will be for the second trip home, we grab this item because it gives some extra tankiness and because it is the only item (except for jade graves) that is built from squires armor.

    Mid game:
    Both guardian emblem and citadel vest give you armor and spell resist but also cooldown reduction wich alows you to spam slash the swamp even more. (Guardian emblem has less cooldown but it has health regen, that is why i like it more than citadel vest, however if you are fighting a really fed elroc/dim consider taking citadel vest first)

    End game:
    We end the game with even more tankiness, because skippard can be incredibly bulky especially when fed.

  • Relic

    As relic we take decimate. This is pretty self-explainatory if you go as jungler because passivly, it gives increased damage when figthing junle creeps. The active effect is best used when clearing the big jungle camp.

  • Gameplay

    After we bougth our starting items, we go to the bottom lane bush. Try being as fast as you can because you don't wan't to walk in a trap. If you and your team are there first you can easily pick off an enemy and get a first blood before the game begon. After that we go to the jungle and clear the big jungle camp first by using decimate on one of the creeps and strength of the exile on another, we then finish of our the creep pretty easily then we clear the two jungle camps at the shrine and return to the first camp, that allready respawned in the mean time. We keep doing this untill we can get our first items. After the early game (+- 7/9 minutes we can start helping the other lanes and push them. From there you are free to chose wether you keep jungling or help in-lane.

  • Pros & Cons

    The Good:

    - fast wave clearing
    - extreme tankiness
    - great mobility

    The Bad:

    - low basic attack damage

    Vs Enemies

    Skippards biggest weakness is may because she can snare you in the midst of your ultimate (incredibly frustrating) however skippards easiest opponants are dim and cottontail because they can't do anything but flee from him.

  • Guide Rating 10/10